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Membership Categories

Membership categories include full member and affiliate member. Select the category below to see individual benefits for each.

Full Member

A specialized and professional accrediting organization with a national scope that accredits higher education programs or institutions that prepare individuals for entry into practice in a specialized discipline or defined profession, or educate individuals in a concentrated area of study.

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Why become a Full Member?

Benefits of ASPA membership

  • Unified and Common Voice for issues of importance to specialized accreditation and higher education nationally.
  • Net-working and Peer Interaction in conference settings; participating in a community of specialized accreditors; sharing best practices in carrying out accreditation work; benchmarking to improve performance.
  • Professional Development for volunteers, staff and educators and opportunities to learn from other accreditors.
  • current Information on pertinent issues and important developments.
  • Advocacy to broader communities including higher education, government, regional and national accreditors, and recognition bodies.
  • enhancement of The Credibility and Image of Accreditation through endorsement of the ASPA-Member Code of Good Practice.

Member Services

  • Regular newsletters to broad community and e-letters within membership.
  • Development of position papers on issues and good practices.
  • In person and written representation on specialized accreditation on legislation and recognition issues to stakeholders.
  • Proprietary database of member profiles and organization structure.
  • Periodic compensation survey.
  • Access to listserv to gather information within the membership.
Full Membership Eligibility Criteria

For Full ASPA Membership, the accrediting organization must:

  • Demonstrate that it meets ASPA’s definition of Specialized or Professional and the supporting definitions (see list of definitions);
  • endorse the ASPA-Member Code of Good Practice; and
  • Submit the application and other required materials with the application fee of $500.00.

If the membership criteria are met and the applicant is accepted into membership by the ASPA Board of Directors, the term of membership will continue as long as the organization is a member in good standing.


Membership is contingent upon payment of current dues.
Dues for July, 1 2014 – June 30, 2015 are $4615 + (7.80 x number of accredited programs), capped at $8515. Dues will be pro-rated based on the date of approval for membership.

Affiliate Member

An organization with a defined interest in education and quality assurance, but does not meet the criteria for full member eligibility as a programmatic accreditor. Examples: Professional associations, continuing education provider organizations, regional accreditors, national institutional accreditors, vendors. An organization eligible for full ASPA membership is not eligible for affiliate membership.


An individual interested in the mission and purposes of ASPA. Examples: Persons serving as accreditation directors within institutions, faculty, staff of professional associations, peer reviewers, education consultants, curriculum designers, deans, program directors. An individual employed by an organization eligible for full ASPA membership is not eligible for affiliate membership.

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Why become an Affiliate?

Organizations and individuals who become affiliate members of ASPA benefit with reduced fees for open meetings and educational offerings, networking and peer interaction and the opportunity to engage on recognition and higher education issues.

Accreditor Members

See a full list of accreditors who are members of ASPA and the professions and fields of study for which they set quality standards.

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