Affiliate Membership Application

The process of applying for ASPA Affiliate Membership

Applying for ASPA Affiliate Membership

To apply for affiliate membership, an individual or organization must submit an application as outlined below.

ASPA is a membership organization. Membership does not equate to recognition, nor does it certify the status, performance or integrity of the affiliate organization or individual. Organizations or individuals seeking membership do so on a voluntary basis.

ASPA is under no obligation to accept any organization or individual as a member.

Affiliate Membership Application Process

Complete top portion of the application form with information for primary contact/representative from the organization, or employment and contact information for an individual applicant.   Individual applicants proceed to #4.

Provide a description of the organization’s mission, structure and scope of activity, by either attaching a file with a description, or providing url’s to where the information can be found on the organization’s website.
Provide a brief explanation of why the organization does not meet ASPA full membership criteria (attach file).
Sign and date attestation on the application form that the organization is not eligible for full ASPA membership,or that the individual is not an employee of an organization eligible for full ASPA membership.
Send the completed form and any accompanying documents to the ASPA office.
*Membership is contingent upon payment of current membership dues. Applicants will pay dues that are pro-rated based on the date of approval for membership. Upon approval, applicants will be invoiced for the appropriate dues.


The Executive Director will acknowledge receipt of the application and screen it for completeness. Normally within a couple of weeks, the application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for quality and appropriateness of responses to the criteria for membership.  The Membership committee will then forward the application with a recommendation to the Board of Directors, which has final authority to grant (or continue) membership. Applicants shall be notified in writing of the Board’s decision no later than two weeks following the decision.

Accreditor Members

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